Last year Murs and 9th Wonder released what’s supposedly the last album in their string of collaborations—smartly titled The Final Adventure.  The duo recently released an accompanying visual for the second track off that album, entitled “Whatuptho.”

The video’s a strong testament to Murs’s ability to mix seriousness with lightheartedness.  Over socially conscious rhymes like “there ain’t no difference between a gang banger / and Malcom X / the same anger,” the rapper can’t contain his laughter because he’s being sprayed in the face with ketchup and mustard.  Throughout the rest of the video Murs is bombarded with other foods, all while trying to deliver his verse.  Some kids also break out into a cafeteria-style food fight, too.

*Click here to listen to Murs on Earbits Radio*

At first the video’s lighthearted tone, displayed atop those aforementioned socially-conscious vocals, seems strange.  But when you really listen closely to Murs, you realize that his talent for meshing important messages with jokes is one of his strongest qualities.  The song, for instance, features the following lines: “Stacking good karma like rappers stack cash up / trying to get to heaven with a presidential tax cut / always keep a smart chick / with a fat butt /as long as we’re around you could never say that rap sucks.”  The only problem I have with that section of his verse is that he and 9th Wonder are no longer going to be making full-length albums together… so rap actually will suck just a little bit.

Check out the video below and stay tuned to the end if you want some firsthand footage of how a new drug— potato chips— is affecting the streets.

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