Vic Mensa features on “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” one of the more memorable tracks from Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap mixtape.  Twista also appears on that song, and the presence of those three on a collaborative track signifies a shift in Chicago’s rap sound.  Twista is the old pro, Chance and Vic represent the new era.

Vic Mensa’s penchant for chaotic sing-rapping more closely aligns with his contemporary, albeit a less whiny and much more soulful and melodic version.  In the video for “Orange Soda,” Vic performs as the lead singer/MC of a band (which features a dude in an orange-guy suit) playing together in a cramped apartment room.  This sets the collaborative tone for the track, which finds several of Vic’s friends stopping by to dance or sing or engage in other activities of youthful recklessness.

The video begins with a nostalgia-inducing clip of an old Kenan & Kel episode, in which Kel stops by the store to drop one of his famous lines about his favorite beverage— orange soda.  The song title might be a bit misleading, as the rest of the track doesn’t necessarily talk about that drink in a specific manner.  But that’s probably for the best.

At one point in the song, Vic Mensa raps, “They made a list of Chicago rappers and they skipped me.”  Who, exactly, “they” are is unclear.  It is true, however, that Vic Mensa is typically left out of the conversation when discussing modern Chicago rap.  The artist follows that line with “Maybe it’s because I’m so much more,” and I would have to agree.  Check out the video for “Orange Soda” below.

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