It’s All Coming Back To Me Part 1 from The Promise Ring on Vimeo.

2011 must be the year that influential indie artists from the 90s return.  Earlier this year, notoriously reclusive Neutral Milk Hotel singer/songwriter Jeff Mangum appeared in a bizarre video with experimental group The Soap Scums, preforming while wearing a mask.  Now, Mangum is on a worldwide tour in which he’s revisiting classics from his hugely influential 90s albums On Avery Island and In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.  He’s even preformed for Occupy Wall Street.  Although he retreated from public eye shortly after the release of his second album (Aeroplane), he’s back, basically.

Influential indie/early emo group The Promise Ring are currently making a similarly strange return to popular culture.  The band, which formed in 1995 and split up in 2002 (and also had a temporary reunion in 2005), suddenly created a Twitter account last Friday.  Their first tweet?  A simple yet cryptic “Hello, again…”  The rest of The Promise Ring’s newly created Twitter feed has been filled with lyrics from the band’s previous songs as well as pictures.

Yesterday, the group tweeted the following lyrics from their song “Why Did We Ever Meet?”:  “and I fear it’s all coming back, coming back.  It’s all coming back to me.”  They also tweeted a link to the video displayed above, posted on their newly created Vimeo account.  The short video is as bizarre as Jeff Mangum rocking out in a mask, as it features noise-dominated music and bright clips of a mountainous area.

So what does this all mean?  Has The Promise Ring returned?  In a way, I hope so.  Half of the group formed the enjoyable indie band Maritime in the wake of The Promise Ring’s disbandment, but fans have been longing for the group to release new material or tour again.  And calling the video “It’s All Coming Back To Me” seems to indicate that a reunion is in the works.  Perhaps The Promise Ring has an eye on similarly influential early emo group Braid, who also reunited this year.  Whatever The Promise Ring plans to accomplish with this newly established internet presence, they’ve definitely got people noticing them again.  And the suspense is building for Part 2…

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