Axl RoseTen years ago, a friend and I moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento.  We came down one weekend for a TOOL concert at The Palladium and had such a blast that, within 2 weeks, I left my hometown and made Los Angeles my new home.

People ask why I moved.  Was it the map of the stars that we followed to the Playboy Mansion?  Was it Hollywood and Highland with it’s gold star sidewalks telling tales of fame and stardom?  Maybe it was the Rock Walk at the Guitar Center, where many a famous rockstar have left hand prints behind for aspiring musicians to measure up to.  Maybe it was just the glow from seeing my favorite band perform in a big, fun city.

Whatever it was that really drove me to Los Angeles – a need for change, dream chasing – I’m sure some small or big part of it was that, growing up, I was a massive rock and roll fan.  I used to, and still do, crank Guns N’ Roses in my headphones. Metallica’s One video was the sole reason I wanted to play drums growing up.  I started out with those two megabands, making them in fact my first concert at Day on the Green in Oakland, then mixed in some Bon Jovi, Poison, and Motley Cruë.  Eventually, in high school, I got into Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, and ultimately the grunge scene.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I grew up listening to assholes.  Let’s face it, Axl Rose is an asshole.  Lars Ulrich, from what I can tell, is an asshole.  The guys from Motley Cruë are big time assholes, and although Bret Michaels seems pretty likable on all of this terrible reality television he’s on lately, if you still look like you live in the 80’s 30 years down the road, you’re an asshole.  And, all of these assholes are pretty much from Los Angeles – except maybe Metallica.  But even Led Zeppelin wasn’t much till they made it in Los Angeles.

But now I’m here…in the city of Angels.  I play in a band, and none of the guys in my band are assholes.  We don’t play asshole music, although some of my lyrics are definitely on the border.  I go to a lot of live music and although you’d have to be an asshole to torture people with a lot of the singer/songwriter stuff that gets booked in this town, deep down those people aren’t assholes – they’re just boring.

I suspect I moved here to see and hear assholes.  That’s right, I want my rock and roll back.  I mean…we plan to broadcast music of all types, but I personally want some dirty, crankin’-ass guitar, bottle of whiskey on stage, girls in leopard dresses sort of rock, and I want it now.

So, while we are accepting all kinds of music for our upcoming release of earbits radio, I HIGHLY encourage you assholes, and you know who you are, to submit your best dirty rock for my earpiece.  Sissies need not apply.  (Okay, fine…sissies can apply too.)

Joey Flores
[email protected]
Twitter: @earbits

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