Since the group began making headlines in the media, Odd Future has been on a consistent campaign to troll the world, the internet and, especially, the blogosphere.  Tyler, The Creator and the rest of his crew hate interviews, reviews, genre descriptions and all of the things articles like this discuss.  Yet here we are, talking about them.  And they keep tricking us.

Last year, one of Tyler, The Creator’s social experiments was to rile up the media by claiming OF Records had signed an outsider by the name of “Young Nigga.” He then released a track under that moniker and had the internet and fans hyping up this new rapper before explaining that it was all a joke.  And, more than a joke, a modern lesson in internet/music blog politics.  The blogosphere was, essentially, under his control (and the control of the desperate-to-be-in-the-know public).

Today, the Adult Swim Single Series released a track called “Between Friends” featuring a collaboration between Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt.  A smart pairing, considering the two are both beloved by a similar crowd (and both are extremely talented).  But the song also features a rapper named “Captain Murphy,” an artist that, when googled, results only in a Wikipedia page about an obscure Swedish rock band from the late 90s.  Upon further investigation (after digging through the numerous hip-hop forums discussing who the hell this mysterious MC is), it’s apparent that Captain Murphy has a YouTube page with one song entitled “Mighty Morphin Foreskin.”

But, of course, there’s no other information about the artist.  So, who is Captain Murphy?  Tyler, The Creator and co. would either love or hate the fact that this and likely other blog posts are being written on the topic, but we’ve gotta guess.  Here are the most likely options.

Tyler, The Creator

At this point, the only reason why I don’t think Captain Murphy is Tyler, The Creator is because that’s what we expect.  The Odd Future frontman looooves messing with his fans and the rest of the music community in general, so there’s no reason why he wouldn’t have featured on this track under a pseudonym.  The vocals on “Between Friends” do sound deep-voiced (and not just Earl’s new vocal style) despite their warped nature.

Flying Lotus

Some believe that Flying Lotus himself might be the man behind the Captain Murphy mask.  It’s quite possible that Earl could’ve ghostwritten for the producer, who has a sense of humor enough to rap and change his vocals just to entertain the Adult Swim audience.

Captain Murphy

If there actually is a new rapper named Captain Murphy, this is a great promotion for him.  If Adult Swim is planning on re-airing or releasing DVDs of Sealab 2021 (which featured a character named Captain Murphy), then this is a great promotion for them.

I’m sure Odd Future’ll let everyone know once they’ve had their fun watching the internet scramble for answers.

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