Snoop Dogg’s cultural adventures have been highly publicized.  Last year the rapper spent time in Jamaica recording an album with Diplo, where he was transformed into Snoop Lion after meeting a Rastafarian priest.  Much has been made about Snoop trading animal-names and making a reggae album, but, based on his heavy intake of Jamaica’s favorite plant, it really shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

The more unusual result of Snoop’s globetrotting was his signing late last year of a young artist from Poland named Iza Lach.  The artist has already had a successful career in her home country, releasing her work on EMI Poland.  She’s also won a Nagroda Muzyczna Fryderyk, the equivalent of a Polish Grammy.  She’s far from the hip-hop or reggae that we usually hear from Snoop.

Iza sings in a smoky-sweet style, reworking pop music samples and influences into her tracks to give them a slightly offbeat, strange sound.  But she doesn’t sacrifice the catchiness, certifying her status as an international pop star.

It’s unclear how Snoop and Iza met, but it probably happened sometime when the rapper was touring in the country.  The mentor-apprentice status is a sign of the times: Dre found Snoop, Snoop found Iza.  And although the collaboration is unusual, it’s definitely worthwhile.  The two teamed up on a track called “Set It Off,” which features a prominent sample from Too $hort’s “Blow Da Whistle.”  Snoop also directed the video for Iza’s “The One Who Leaves,” which you can watch below.

Iza’s currently in Austin, TX along with the rest of the music industry, promoting her music as well as her movie, which is called Birds Of A Feather.  Before she left for the trip, Iza wrote on her Facebook page, “First time on a plane… ever.”  Wonder if it’s a Soul Plane.  Exciting times ahead for the artist.

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