It seems like once a major artist gains success off a particular, unusual business tactic, the rest of the industry follows suit.  Radiohead and Girl Talk spearheaded the craze surrounding the pay-what-you-want-for-our-album method of distribution a few years ago.  In the comedy world, it seems like every worthwhile comedian has a $5 downloadable stand-up special ever since Louis C.K. started that trend.

A few months ago, a rapper by the name of Captain Murphy released a song with Odd Future wunderkid Earl Sweatshirt and beatmaker Flying Lotus.  No one had ever heard of Captain Murphy, and Captain Murphy was in no hurry to tell anyone about himself.  That song sent the internet into a flurry of speculation about Captain Murphy’s true identity.  It turns out (via a performance at L.A.’s Low End Theory) that Captain Murphy is, in fact, Flying Lotus himself.  The artist’s alter-ego released an album and an accompanying 30-min video that was actually pretty damn good.

Now, a new anonymous artist has emerged from the shadows and onto the headlines of indie and hip-hop blogs.  The artist is called The Child Of Lov.  Judging by the artist’s high profile collaborations— from Damon Albarn to similarly-mysterious DOOM— The Child Of Lov must have some industry connections.  Or his music’s just so good that the heavyweights have been catching on.

The artist’s style of music is difficult to pinpoint, although it could be narrowed down to the genre of Soul.  He sings in a Prince-like falsetto but jams out with the weirdness of Cee Lo Green.  His sound is fitting with the times, as out-there R&B artists like Miguel, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean have risen to popularity and continue to receive critical accolades.

In the internet age, anonymity of artists makes sense.  I mean, the world’s most famous coalition of hackers and internet activists even call themselves Anonymous.  Thus far, however, the internet has been used in the opposite manner— with prolific artists like Lil B dropping song after song that would be lost were it not for Google’s ability to eliminate obscurity.  It’ll be interesting to see whether The Child Of Lov’s tactics ultimately work or backfire on him.  Either way, his music’s working right now.  The artist recently released a video for his song “Give Me,” which you can view below.


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