Butler vs. Florida

Butler- Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos

Indianapolis’s indie ensemble group managed to pull the upset against Wisconsin and Milwaukee’s Violent Femmes on Thursday, proving themselves as one of the tournaments’ cinderella teams for the second year in a row.

Florida- Against Me!

As I predicted, Florida’s Against Me! pulled an easy victory against BYU’s The Used on Thursday.  Their angst and aggression has proved tough to beat.


In Thursday’s matchup descriptions I mentioned that Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos have a deep bench.  They’ve got a strong lineup of musicians and each adds much to the overall strong sound.  However, Against Me! makes a lot of noise with the four members they have.  They’re loud and fast and not afraid to take chances.


Florida/Against Me!- Butler and Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos have had a nice run this year, but I can’t see them going to the championship again.  Aggression triumphs over depth and precision.

UCONN Vs. Arizona

Arizona- The Meat Puppets

As I predicted, Arizona’s The Meat Puppets were able to successfully dismantle and upset the Avett Brothers from Duke’s state of North Carolina.  They’re underdogs again in this matchup, but they’re legends and incredibly influential.

UCONN- John Mayer

I wrongfully predicted San Diego’s Blink 182 to beat Connecticut’s John Mayer, but Mayer proved that guitar mastery and superstar status triumphs over a strong team bond.


I would say that the Arizona and The Meat Puppets should pull out an easy victory, but we’ve already seen what UConn and John Mayer can do.  Mayer’s like the real life UConn player Kemba Walker, a superstar with immense talent that for the most part has to carry the team on his own back. However, The Meat Puppets have such a diverse and unpredictable playbook that they might be able to pull off the win.


UConn/John Mayer.  It’s going to be close, but I think UConn and Mayer’s guitar chops should push him forward at least one more round.

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