Kentucky vs. North Carolina

Kentucky- My Morning Jacket

As much as I’d like to pick 90s rap group Nappy Roots to represent Kentucky, it just doesn’t seem fair.  With a nickname like The Bluegrass State and a large portion of the state dedicated to the Appalachians, the team needs a musician a bit more rootsy.  People like Billy Ray Cyrus or Ricky Skaggs could serve as the team’s musical representatives, but my favorite Kentucky band happens to be Louisville rockers My Morning Jacket… so that’s who I’m going with.

North Carolina- J. Cole

I picked folk rock group the Avett Brothers to represent North Carolina’s other school, and they failed to pull through against Arizona (represented by The Meat Puppets).  To represent North Carolina’s state school, I’m switching things up and picking a rapper.  That MC is Roc Nation’s J. Cole, a quick-witted lyricist from Fayetteville, NC that’s likely to increase in popularity throughout the next year or so.


My Morning Jacket is hard to define.  Tough to scout.  You never know what they’re gonna pull out of the large and diverse playbook.  Extended jams, quiet folk songs, loud funk breakdowns, anything is possible.  The same was true of Arizona’s Meat Puppets during the last matchup, and the uniqueness and diversity proved successful.

On the other hand, J. Cole switches things up.  He’s not just another folksy, old timey band from North Carolina.  He’s a rapper, one of the first from the state to rise to prominence.  He’s got a strong co-sign from one of the genre’s pros, Jay-Z.


North Carolina/My Morning Jacket.  My Morning Jacket may have the musical ability, but J. Cole’s got so much behind him working in his favor that he’s destined for superstardom.

Kansas vs. VCU

Kansas- Kansas.

Who better to represent Kansas than, well, Kansas?  Unlike more ironically named rock bands such as Asia, Kansas is actually from Kansas.  And who doesn’t like “Carry On My Wayward Son?”  Classic song from a classic classic rock band, Kansas from Kansas.


VCU is located in Richmond, and so is my favorite sci-fi metal band of costumed monster/aliens— GWAR.  The band is known more for its stage antics and shock value, but they’ve actually got talent if you really listen to the music.  If you haven’t heard of GWAR before, check out this hilarious video of the group on the Joan Rivers Show below.


I fear for anyone going up against GWAR on the court.  They’re likely to swallow the basketball whole, dismember the referee and then smash the opponent with a battle axe.  However, who doesn’t like “Carry On My Wayward Son?”


Kansas/Kansas.  As intimidating as GWAR may be, not even misanthropic monsters from outer space can’t defeat Kansas’s classic hits.

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