We’re excited to report on the recent addition of Zenapolae to our catalog, a project the music team and myself have been working to bring you for a while now.  Zenapolae (pronounced “zen-OP’-oh-LEE”) is a netlabel focusing on experimental and avant-garde music, with a catalog that dates back nearly 20 years. Their entire collection, 144 releases from all over the world, is now available to listen to on Earbits as one big Special Collection and in rotation with our Avant Garde and Electronic sections. You might have also caught a playlist or two of theirs popping up in the last month or so, and in the weeks to come, they’ll be heavily featured in our New On & Editor’s Eclectic lists, Albums of the Week, as well in a few more of their own dedicated label feature playlists.


And let me just say: as someone whose job it is to slog away in the internet mines in search of music you haven’t heard before, coming across Zenapolae really felt like striking it rich. If you’re into ambient, dark ambient, drone, soundscapes, glitch, sound art –experimental electronic and modern music of any kind, really– we guarantee you’ll hear stuff that you haven’t heard before and that you’ll be kind of blown away by.


What’s remarkable, too, is that Zenapolae puts all of this great music out into the world for free! Totally. Free. They release their music under what’s known as a Creative Commons license. Essentially, these types of licenses allow artists, in one fell swoop, to copyright their work and give people permission to download, share, and re-use/remix the works (as long as they’re given credit, of course). In this way, Zenapolae is as much a creative community as it is a label, creating a space for artists to release, share, and perpetuate their brand of totally strange, wonderful, original music that doesn’t always have a home on mainstream outlets.


All of their releases are available through download links on their website and through purchase links on our app. If you hear something you’re stoked on, it’s always great to support these artists by:

  • following them and promoting them on social media – you too can be an evangelist for your favorite music (like us!). A lot of artists choose to release records on netlabels not just to get their music out there, but also to generate support for other projects they’re working on that aren’t necessarily in the “free music” category.
  • buying their records when you can, because music has value, and so does the almighty $/€/£…so, put it together!


Dive in, guys!



The Music Team


Visit their website for more info, and check out their Special Collection to stream their entire catalog.


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